Danielle Joan
Danielle Joan

Oh, hello there. 

I'm the Problem Solver, Creative Thinker and Yoga Teacher you didn't know you needed in your life.


Turning tricks since 19 something-something, I'm a practical creative who can teach a mean class. 


Jump aboard and come along for the ride with me, we're not one-dimensional here. 

Want to know more?

Health, wellness & wonderful.

Well, here's a nice thought.. I'm constantly overloaded with general musings on all the things. So how about I collect thoughts and tell you about them?


From yoga to advertising, vegetables to design, wellness to art; I've got musings to share for all. 

Danielle Joan

Buy some stuff.

I've created a handful of handy resources for all your branding, marketing and general cool cat needs. 


I like to hold workshops, talks and other gatherings on the things I know well.


Sometimes I'm just going to be at really good events that I think you should know about, too. 


Danielle Joan

Say hello. 

Drop me a line and let's have a chat about anything health, wellness or wonderfully related. 

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