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Vegetarians can still have fun.

Cauliflower Wings | Danielle Joan
Cauliflower Wings | Danielle Joan

It's coming up to one year of not eating meat.


I still eat seafood. Not a lot. And I look for sustainably caught seafood.

It's been a fairly easy transition. I really only miss meat when I see a dish in front of me that I know tastes oh so good - like Chicken Wings.

Oh man, yummo.

So I was pretty happy when my brother (a chef, who is now vege) made Cauliflower Wings for me the other day.


So I gave it a shot. The result was amazing.

I based it off The Minimalist Baker's recipe. Will start to adapt for myself from here on.

Made me think of another wicked 'hero' cauliflower dish - this Whole Roasted Cauliflower from The New York Times. It's like a roast chicken, but cauliflower! I've served it heaps - including Christmas lunch!


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