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I'm going for a walk.

Pretty much everyday I drive around Albert Park Lake.

And every time I think 'I just want to go for a walk around the lake'.

This is something I used to do all the time, around it at lunch with my work-wife, running around it back in the day... So it's not like I haven't done it before. I guess I just like what it makes me feel. Even just driving around it gets me happy. But having my feet touching the dirt is even better.

I was first met with the Lake when I'd just moved to town. Freshly 18, being a grown-up.

At first I didn't know it existed. I lived in St Kilda East - NO IDEA.

One special day of being rat bag teens with some newly made friends, who are now some of my best friends ever, we drove from my place to theirs via the Lake.

I was blown away.

There's more to this story, but we'll keep this as the PG version....

Anyway, from that moment on I've had a really special relationship with the Lake.

I've been for a walk around the lake maybe 2 times this year.

Not good enough, Danielle!

So tonight, I've just come back from yoga, to feed the cat, put my crystals out under the full moon, get my runners, and change into my Kathmandu jacket, and probably some leggings that aren't so 'fashion' and walk around the Lake, while my one and only is still at work.

I'm really looking forward to this walk. I need it. I want to full moon to shine light down on my little face and show what I should be doing on this planet of ours.

Happy walking to me.


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