Equine therapy for the win.

Horse Yoga | Danielle Joan

When was the last time you got out of the city?

Took your shoes off in the dirt?

Connected a horse?

There is so much value in these simple acts.

I've been working with the talented Mae Mills at Radiant Sol Yoga and her well trained, yoga loving horses up at Highfield Equestrian Centre, in Melbourne's north, connecting with nature on a whole other level to what's the norm.

Thrown out of the comfort zone, it's not about me any more. Listening and feeling into the breath and mind of these beautiful four legged friends as they welcome me into their world.

Connecting with them on the ground, then we practice yoga together, bareback. Every muscle is ordered to respond, every breath is taken together. We are one.

Covered in hair, it doesn't matter. Movement. Flow. Pausing and taking it in. The moment is small, but the reward is grand.

Horse + Yoga Integration Sessions are so powerful. It's so much more than yoga on a horse. It's therapy. It's nostalgic. It's challenging. It's special.

Ending with savasana, there's only one question left in the mind. Can I stay here please?

Check out Radiant Sol's Horse + Yoga Integration Sessions here.

Horse Yoga | Danielle Joan

Horse Yoga | Danielle Joan

Horse Yoga | Danielle Joan


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