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"It's like, every time I see Danielle, she's got something new going on."


- Friend



We all started somewhere, right? 

For me it was in ad agencies, learning the ropes from the bottom up. 

Now, I'm running my own show focussing on the health and wellness industry. 

Balance. It's a thing if you chose to create it. 


Yoga baby.

I started doing yoga many many years ago to chill out after a busy day of work - I mentioned balance above.. catch my drift?!


For me, yoga is about breath, movement, my own space and enjoying taking the time out. Plus the benefit of getting fit and having a happy mind is good too. 


Now, I teach yoga. And I have a yoga studio – Radiant Sol Yoga. And I love it.

Vinyasa, hatha, yin, meditation.

My style. My class. Your breath. Your space. 


Follow my Instagram to find my classes around Melbourne.


Crafting Authenticity

Going from high heels to yoga pants in one day isn't for everyone, but it is for me.


I've built my life around being able to have coffee on the other side of town at 10am on a Tuesday morning.








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