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Sunday night intention setting.

Intention setting | Danielle Joan
Intention setting | Danielle Joan

A little tip to help make the most of your week from me to you.


‘Bring to mind an intention to set for the class.’

Do you find yourself spending more time trying to think of an intention rather than thinking about living that intention in class?

Try this little exercise and walk into every class for the week with your intention set.


Sunday Night Intention Setting

Every Sunday night, as you’re planning what’s on for your week, ask yourself these three simple questions to outline your one clear intention for the week.

What am I working towards this week? Eg 1, big meeting with my boss. Eg 2, doing a headstand.

What do I need to achieve this? Eg, work on my notes about that project. Eg, work on my alignment and not be afraid.

So this week I need to be more.. Eg, I am organised. Eg, I am fearless.


Then every class you have this week, think about this intention and have one clear goal for your class/week.

Practicing setting your intention once a week is a great start as it creates a habit, and once it becomes second nature you can introduce it more than once a week, or even every day!


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