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Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Introvert | Danielle Joan
Introvert | Danielle Joan

In my work, I give a lot of myself.

I'm on. Talking, creating, planning, thinking for others. Quick on my feet. All of it - teaching yoga, workshops, clients.

I love it. It feeds me. But as soon as I'm off - I'm off. I need to introvert asap!

This week I've taught a workshop and been in the office - it's only Wednesday, but I'm feeling it, big time. After working full time for so long I've learnt that I'm not at my best in front of people ALL the time. So that's why life now is all so beautifully curated around not working with people 24/7.

You can't always manage this peaceful time for yourself away for the world of people, but here are my main tips to bring me back on top with minimal time.

- yoga, stat

- a glass of wine at the bar by yourself (try not to enough talking from the bar tender!)

- tv time, it's RuPaul for me

- carbs, no surprise there

- a few really deep breaths into the belly with your eyes closed

Happy introverting, people!


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