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Eat nuts.

Mixed Nuts | Danielle Joan
Mixed Nuts | Danielle Joan

So, I'm one of those people who find it very easy to carry on throughout my day without eating.

I know this sounds absolutely crazy to those 'must eat to function' people, but I can push on quite comfortably throughout the day without food.

It's not healthy, oh no sir re Bob. When I next realise I can eat, I'll eat all the food. The bad stuff.

It's a little refreshing tho - this year I have been learning more about ayurvedic principals. In this, my dosha is primarily varta. Along with being cold all the time, vartas are known for being able skip meals.

When I learnt this I was pleased as it just made me feel like I wasn't crazy, there was method behind my terrible ways.

Also, when I'm stressed, I don't eat. I don't even have to be stressed, I can just be busy.

A few years ago I almost got an ulcer in my stomach from not enough food / too many acidic foods.. it was a busy time at work.

So anyway, I now try to always have healthy snacks on me so I can prevent this.

'Just have breakfast!' I know this sounds simple, but eating first thing in the morning isn't natural for me. Sometimes it just doesn't feel right.

My snack go-tos. Some require extra effort, so aren't always readily available (only if I'm super productive during the weekend), and some are just simple.

- big ol' jar of mixed nuts - I don't think buying store bought mixed nuts is necessary, I just mix up what I've got in the cupboard, along with some dried fruit and Bob's your uncle

- bliss balls - extra effort, and must ensure I have dates in the cupboard, but when you eat one of these, there's a certain 'high and mighty / I'm winning at life

- Carob Bears from the Caron Kitchen - these guys are THE BEST

- apples or oranges - weather permitting

Not a long list, but it's the winners.

Bliss Balls | Danielle Joan
Bliss Balls | Danielle Joan


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