Vegan chocolatateee.

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Vegan Chocolate | Danielle Joan

I fucking love chocolate. I could eat heaps of it, always. And it hasn't always caused a weight gain problem for me, maybe a bit of skin issue, but I have always been able to eat a whole pack of Tim Tams or block of Cadbury in one sitting.

Proud of me? I thought so.

But as I slowly move away from products that cause harm to animals, I've moved onto vegan chocolate. And making it myself. Yew!

I've been using the this yummy recipe from Quirky Cooking as a base, and just adapting it to my likings each time I make (not giving away my secret sorry peeps!).

I'm loving the result, and finding that I eat less of it! And people think I should make and sell it, so like, it must be good!

Vegan Chocolate | Danielle Joan


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