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Mini medi.

The abbreviation ‘medi’, for meditation, sends shivers up my spine. I kind of hate it, but I see through it because it helps remove the STIGMA around meditation.

I’m a big fan of meditation.

I don’t do it all the time, for very long, or in a consistent way, but I do consciously take some head space time out often to feed my head what it needs.

Lately I’ve been manifesting what I want to achieve each day. Only for a few minutes, and just repeating what the day/life would look like if I had this thing exist.

It works. It’s not like you set and forget and it happens, you still need to do the leg work during the day, but it helps put you in the right frame of mind so you can actually do it.

Things for me this week have been..

- calling someone I needed to call

- finally getting that NutriBullet I’ve wanted for well over a year

- getting new clients

- booking that trip away for the weekend

Start small. Set your mind. And you’re eagerness will take change and make it happen.

We have the power. We just need to turn it on each morning.


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